Uploading Guidelines

There is a new way to upload images:

For details of preparation, please see the ‘Competition Details Tab’

Please login at the ‘Member Login’ and enter you ‘USER NAME and PASSWORD’
Both Username and Password are case sensitive. Type them as sent to you.
You will be directed to ‘Member Area Page’.
At the Members page select the upload form.

A. Select image using ‘select image’, upload it, give it a title.
B. Select the competition type, the sequence 1, 2 or makeup.
Comments Policy applies here, so select YES for Image 2 only on regular competitions.
See below a complete explanation of this option.

Benefits of this system:
1. You can see the images uploaded and make changes to the data for that submission.
2. Any time you login, you can see, add, edit or delete images submitted until closing time.

You will receive an email the day after entries are entered for competition.
This email is sent The Sunday or Monday prior competition day and will have all the details of your submissions; kind of redundancy but is an extra check point.

Special Notes:
When submitting images, remember that the title should be short.
The limit is 40 characters, that include spaces.
But 40 is long, so keep it short, best less than 20.
Short titles have the most impact.
Please, very important, in the title DO NOT USE ? or ! or any other symbol.
Only Letters and numbers.
Very important. The file extension must be .JPG
Some programs may produce .JPEG They are the same and the website cannot reject JPEG files
I am working in controlling that problem internally.
For now, please check you file extension and rename it .JPG before submitting.
Talking about files, The file name you submit should be short also.
Please check it before submit. It is very important.
The file name does not need your name, sizes, date(the date is in the file already) or data about you.
A simple: image_201345-redcactusinthesouthwest.JPG will be sufficient.