Competition Details

Our club holds its competitions on the third Wednesday of the month.

Two entries are allowed for each Competition Type.
Digital competition is offered in two categories:
‘OPEN’ with multiple divisions (B, A and AA) based on individual photographers abilities.
‘CREATIVE ARTISTRY’ competition (one division); Here is for makers to express them self.
‘NATURE’ competition (only once/year), where no human factor are to be seen. (one division).
‘ASSIGNED’ competition with pre-selected subject. (one division).
See Format & Requirements for Print & Digital Competitions, below.
Digital Size rules Submission: Images must be in JPG and scaled to Maximum of 1400×1050 for landscape. 0000×1050 high for portrait.
If you find difficult to resize with your software, at the ‘Members link page’ there is a free software to download and make it very simple. The name is Faststone
Please make sure you submit JPG files, not JPEG.
According to NECCC rules they recommend file size not to exceed 999KB. The smaller the better.
Faststone does that.

Due to C19, we are not doing prints. Hope to return to print soon.
There are two categories for prints: color and black & white.
Prints are judged in two divisions (A & AA) based upon skill level.
A maker can enterĀ 1 (one) print in color and 1 (one) in B&W. Prints are judged monthly.
These prints can be made digitally, developed in a darkroom or commercially printed.
See Format & Requirements for Print & Digital Competitions, below.
All prints must be a minimum size of 8″ x 10″ (or 80 square inches), to a maximum of

Prints must be mounted on any size or color mat board up to 16″ x 20″.
The print can be without a mat or borderless, but must have strong backing; up to 16×20
Monochrome* definition is as follows:
A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only black and white.
Print Labels:
Color or Mono prints submissions, do not require you to print a label.
Labels will be ready for you, the competition night at the club.
Prints are required to be uploaded as a digital version.
Same rules apply as digital to upload.

Submissions are done by uploading your images to this website:
First you must login at ‘Members Login’.
User name and password are required. They are case sensitive.
Once logged, select ‘New Competition UPLOAD’ and fill the spaces.
You may comeback here as often needed to make changes, until closing time.
For more details in how to submit, see the ‘Uploading Guidelines’.
Use the back arrow in your browser to return to ‘The members page’

Fields to be filled are:
—Image File This field will allow you to search in your own PC fore a file to uload
—Image Title: Enter the title and please do not use symbols, like *'”@_&^%~.
Keep it short.
—Competition Type: Select the type of your image.
Color Prints and Mono Prints needs the files to be submitted here.
—Sequence: Drop down the Sequence option, click the sequence wanted.
Review when sending more than one image per category.
Recall, only 2 images per competition type.
Makeups are extra. See makeup rules below.
—Comments: (Comments are optional for Image 2, as Image 1, always has comments)
If we are short in time, this may not happen and Creative, assign or special competitions never have comments. See The comments policy below.

Makeups submissions are the chance to catch up in your entries.
In the second competition night of the season, makeups are available.
The maximum makeups per year are 4 per competition type.
In other words you can have 4 for digital or 4 for color prints and so on.
You can enter up to 2 makeup entries into any single competition category in a single night.
This rule will allow you to submit 2 makeups for digital, CA, Mono or Color prints in any competition night after the first competition night.
So in April you are short 3 entries, lets say in digital, It is too late to catch up.
Only 2 will be allowed for you in that category that night.
No makeups in Nature or Assigned.

Comments Policy
Comments are nice options in our club. Here is how it works:
All images submitted under DIGITAL and PRINTS, Image 1 will get a comment in the competition.
Creative Artistry, Nature and Assigned submissions, DO NOT get comments.
We have the option to ask for comments in Image 2 and Makeups in DIGITALS & PRINTS.
We ask not to abuse this option as it may call for too much time at the competition.
This will extend the competition time beyond our meting time.
Is there are too many request for comments or too many entries.
We reserve the option not to have comments at the competition in certain groups.
Under above circumstances, the first one to reduced comments will be AA category and so on.
The option to ask for comments is in the website submission page along each submission.
Tip: Place the image that you are most interested in getting comments as Image 1.

Image Of the Year Competition
We have a final competition in May and is called Image Of The Year.
Is a competition to select Images submitted during the year with special award.
In order to compete, you must have had entered at least 1/2 of the total competitions allowed during the season.
For each category in your class, like Digital, Creative, Color Print or Mono Print, there is an IOTY competition.
Lets say that the season had 7 competitions. (Bad weather may reduce the number).
In order to participate, you should have entered at least 7 on each competition type.
In other words, if you only entered 6 images in digital, but you enter 7 images in color prints;
you do not qualify to participate in the digital competition. You can participate in color print competition.
Nature and Assigned requirements varies as it all depends in how many competitions we have for the season.
You do not have to resubmit your entries, just email the club your name, the title and the competition type. by Saturday night prior the May Competition.
The entries will be selected and entered in the competition.
An email will be sent to every participant with their choices, the Monday before the competition day.

There are awards at every competition type and division. In our club we have 1st Prize, 2nd Prize.
The last competition will generate ‘Image of the Year 1st prize’ and ‘Image of the Year 2nd prize’
There is ‘Most Point Award’ in every competition type and division; The rule here is that you must participate with the maximum entries in each category type, in order to qualify for that competition.
Example: There were 7 competitions, you enter 14 in digital and 13 in color prints.
You qualify in digital, but not in color prints. The one with the most points, is the winner of
that competition.